Morgan Carey of Real Estate Webmasters

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Mr Carey is what I consider a minor celebrity since he was on Dragon’s Den, which is Canada’s version of Shark Tank.  He is a somewhat controversial figure in the way he approaches business.  But you have to admire how he has grown his company and the fact that he wanted to grow it in the town he grew up in, Nanaimo, BC.

The Beginning

Mr. Carey started in an internet based business at the turn of the 21st century, eventually becoming the “SEO guy” (, he helped online casinos, tool manufacturers, Adobe, Digital River, and anyone else who realized advertising online would bring in real money.  He ranked No 1 for SEO consultant.

In 2003, he launched that sold SEO optimization tools to real estate companies.  He started Real Estate Webmasters as a discussion forum to learn more about the industry.  He gained many contacts who asked his company to offer more products such as social media, content, website design etc.

Current Business

Real Estate Webmasters is the only truly custom house in the real estate niche.  They have developed other products, however, that work with smaller budgets $2000 to $100,000 (big end-to-end enterprise solutions).  The company is also offering subscription based software as service products.  They sell to all levels of real estate from franchises to independent ages, brokerages and teams.  They partnered with Barbara Corcoran and developed a $5000 service option.  After working with Barbara, Carey decided to walk away from the Dragon’s Den on air deal, he asked Barbara to invest in his company.  His reasoning was many: she is a titan in business, has experience with investors, selling stock, going public that Carey does not.

Furthermore, they also partnered with Docusign where they are the only website vendor that can integrate with that transaction management product.

Some of Carey’s business tips:

  • Treat your employees well, pay them what they are worth, do not require they work a specific amount of hours of the day, let them determine when and how productive they are
  • Build a supportive culture that celebrates your employee’s successes
  • Offering a wider range of products to customers will increase revenue
  • Add value to your potential client before making the sale
  • Diversify your business ventures
  • Real Estate is one of the few ways to build real wealth


Carey decided at the beginning of 2014 the company would donate $100 dollars per day for a month to a different local charity.  The staff would vote on which charity would benefit, and staff could also nominate a charity to donate with a specific story as to why the charity deserved.  According to, the company has donated to 5 different worthy causes.

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